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NHS care and services provided by Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust will be running normally next week (18 and 19 November) when some staff may be taking industrial action.

All operations, clinics and appointments will be running normally as will maternity and accident and emergency services. Patients should attend appointments and visit as usual.

The Trust has made plans to ensure that the industrial action being taken by some staff in support and estates services such as security, catering, cleaning and portering does not impact patient care. The Trust is grateful to the many staff who have volunteered for alternative duties to ensure that patients services run normally on strike days.

Chief Executive, Neil Dardis said: “I want to assure patients that their NHS services at Frimley health are open and running normally. People should attend their appointments as planned and can rely on us to be there when they need us. I am grateful to the commitment and hard work of staff to ensuring that patient care runs normally during the industrial action.”