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Wexham Park - Rapid Access Referrals

Details of Rapid Access Referrals at Wexham Park

      WXP Rapid Access Referrals

Integrated frailty liaison team at Wexham Park hospital
Phone: 07787 275775

Dr Melanie Wright, consultant geriatrician -
07557 166591 (available Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm)


Frimley Park - Urgent access clinics and telephone advice

including access pathways:

      FPH Urgent Access Clinics V6

      FPH Rapid Access Suspected Angina - referral form v3

Frimley Park urgent telephone advice and guidance

      GPs can also obtain advice and guidance from consultant physicians over the telephone,

      Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm  

      Telephone numbers by specialty are as follows:

Acute medicine 
(Medical Assessment Unit)

  01252 649 725


  01252 649 724

Diabetes & endocrinology

  01252 649 726

Elderly care

  01252 649 621

Emergency medicine (registrar) consultant available to contact if required

  01252 649 245

Frailty liaison team at Frimley Park Hospital

  01252 649 596

(excludes Thurs PM and Fri AM)

  01252 649 721

Obstetrics & gynaecology

  See note on the right
  Monday to Friday - 1-3pm 
  07393 266643

(Mon - Fri, 9am to 9pm)

  01252 649 854


  01252 649 680


  01252 649 722


  07895 287 092 

Surgical Assessment Unit (SAU) 
(Mon - Fri, 1.30 to 8pm)

   01252 649 737

If a patient requires admitting to SAU, GPs should still refer them via the SHO (call switchboard and bleep 386).

If the patient has previously been an inpatient within the last month at Frimley, SAU consultants would very much like to speak with the referring GP to discuss whether readmission can be avoided.

Outside these hours advice can be obtained from the duty medical registrar who will be able to contact the on-call consultant physician, cardiologist or stroke physician if required.

Patient details will be requested.