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Prescribing Guidelines & Formulary

For the latest prescribing guidelines please see our ICS website:

Information about specific medicines may also be found in the relevant entry of the Frimley Formulary:

For any enquiries or queries regarding the latest documentation please contact:


Clinical Guidelines / DXS

For GP / Primary Care referral guidelines, pathways and forms please contact the ICB DXS team ( who manage DXS (the GP/primary care decision support tool).  

If you are an out of area or military practice, you can access some of our forms via this FHFT/GP centre website Referrals & key contacts | NHS Frimley Health Foundation Trust ( (including the suspected cancer referral forms and guidance) or by contacting the DXS team to arrange access or to be sent a copy of the relevant form / document via email or a Teams link.

{Please note, FHFT clinical guidelines for FHFT teams cannot be accessed here. These can be found on the FHFT intranet site (Frimley Guidelines ( Contact support details:}