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Frimley Park helplines have been set up within Surgery, Orthopaedics & Medicine with the aim of preventing readmissions back into hospital.

Every patient that is discharged from an inpatient stay receives a discharge envelope with the appropriate helpline number.

The discharging nurse explains they are to call the number and speak to a senior nurse who will be able to give them advice regarding whether they need to come back into hospital or if they could be treated as an outpatient.

Surgical Helpline

01276 526960 (24 hours)

Day Surgery Unit Helpline

01276 604228 (Mon-Fri 7am-10pm)

Outside of these hours, and up to 4 weeks after discharge: 01276 526960 (24 hours - 7 days a week)

Endoscopy Helpline

Within 48 hours of discharge:  01276 526045 (Mon-Fri 8am-7pm)

Outside these hours and up to 4 weeks after discharge:  01276 526960 (24 hours - 7 days a week)

Medical Helpline

Within 4 weeks of discharge: 01252 649770 (24 hours)

Orthopaedic Helpline

Orthopaedic Helpline:      01276 522638 (24 hours)  
[For GP info only: Orthopaedic Trauma Patients]

F6 Orthopaedic Helpline: 01276 522392                    
[For GP info only: Elective Orthopaedic Patients]

Direct Ward Numbers

Gynaecology Ward:     01276 604216 (24 hours)

Early Pregnancy Unit: 01276 526418 (24 hours)

Paediatric Unit:             01276 604226 (24 hours)

Ophthalmology:           01276 604604 (Switchboard)

                                       9am-5pm:  Ask for bleep 547

                                       5pm-9am   Ask for on-call Ophthalmoloist