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Qualifying is an exciting time. The anticipation of a new job alongside the challenge of developing clinical competence.

At Frimley Health, we recognise this crucial time and are committed to providing a supportive and comprehensive preceptorship programme during this transitional period.

Our aim is to develop your clinical knowledge and skills and for you to become a confident, safe and competent practitioner. Our preceptorship programme has been specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of newly registered practitioners.

The structured programme consists of a series of study days, after which preceptees practice the skills they have learnt in their clinical area.

The study days, delivered by clinical education team, practice development nurses and clinical experts are spread over the course of the year. Preceptees are then supported in achieving the clinical competencies.

A variety of interactive learning methods is used including discussion, group work, reflection, clinical scenarios, workshops, peer learning, e-learning and simulation.

We listen to our preceptees. Their feedback guides the development of the programme to ensure we meet their needs and provide the best possible learning opportunities.

Preceptorship programme

  • Induction to preceptorship
  • Expectations and fears
  • Medicines management
  • Clinical skills
  • Medical devices
  • Venepuncture and cannulation
  • Communication workshop
  • Dietetics & enteral nutrition
  • Stoma care
  • Diabetes
  • ADAM course
  • Management of the deteriorating patient
  • Emotional intelligence & resilience
  • Principles of emotional intelligence & resilience
  • Care of patient with specialist needs
  • Intravenous medication administration
  • Complications IV therapy
  • Tissue viability
  • Pressure area care & wound assessment
  • Continence
  • Male catheterisation workshop
  • Pain SD
  • Pain theory and physiology
  • Assessment and management
  • Patient scenarios
  • Cancer and palliative care
  • The cancer journey
  • Chemotherapy & oncological emergencies
  • Palliative care & care after death
  • Cardio-respiratory SD
  • A&P Heart , arrhythmias and heart failure
  • Skills stations & clinical scenarios
  • Acute care SD
  • AKI
  • Sepsis
  • Leadership & human factors SD

What our preceptees say

'Everyday I became the nurse I dreamed of being since I was six years old.'
'It made me confident to teach junior staff enabling them to develop their clinical skills.'
'I learnt so much from the programme and feel enthused to continue to learn.’
'I became a competent, confident and proud nurse'’


You will be supported by a preceptor in clinical practice, senior staff including your ward manager, the practice development nurses and the clinical education team.

The practice development team will oversee your development in your first year and will offer clinical support, guidance and advice. You will be nurtured and encouraged to grow both professionally and personally within this first year of your nursing career.

Further Information

To find out more about the preceptorship programme please contact us:

Frimley Park Hospital
01276 526836 Rachel Hitchman -

Wexham Park Hospital
01753 634385 Laura Clarke -