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Ward: G2a and G2b  Number of beds: G2a - 14 male G2b - 17 female
Site: Frimley Park

Directorate: Medicine  
Speciality: Elderly care / stroke step down 

Working as a nurse on G2a and G2b at Frimley Park

Ward G2a and b are primarily elderly care rehabilitation ward though we also care for patients who also need to step down from the acute stroke ward. We provide a fast paced and challenging environment to further develop your clinical skills, knowledge and understanding.

You will care for patients with a variety of medical conditions and gain experience in looking after patients with medical and stroke rehabilitation needs.

Education and learning is a key priority within the ward. We aim to help all staff develop their knowledge and skills to fulfil their role. You will have the chance to gain all your clinical competencies.

Through CPD funding from the trust we are currently able to support staff to undertake the mentorship course and for newly qualified nurses we provide an exciting preceptorship course, which encompasses skills you would need to learn in your first years as a nurse

We have a very friendly, welcoming and supportive team. On a day to day basis the ward is coordinated and managed by a sister / charge nurse. We have a team of sisters / charge nurses and we aim to ensure that every shift has senior cover ensuring the team has the clinical support they require. They are also able to provide mentorship to newly qualified nurses and assist with signing off competencies and completing appraisals.

Senior sister: 
G2a - Tresa Anil

Tresa Anil

Senior sister: 
G2b - Sita Gurung

Sita Gurung

Helen Paterson

Helen Paterson

Head of nursing:
Philippa Hooton

Phillipa Hooton

Contact number of wards:
G2a 01276 604925
G2b 01252 649434