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Ward: F8   Number of beds: 31
Site: Frimley Park

Directorate: Surgery
Speciality: General surgery and vascular

Working as a nurse on F8 at Frimley Park

On F8 we care for patients requiring surgical intervention and those who are managed conservatively. We have a variety of surgical teams including colorectal, upper gastrointestinal, emergency surgical team, breast, and vascular.

Working on F8 you will develop a whole range of skills varying from managing a deteriorating patient to discharging complex amputee patients. We work continually within a multidisciplinary team and have daily physiotherapy and occupational therapy handover.

All our patients are reviewed by a consultant or registrar daily to ensure there are plans in place to aid a smooth admission to discharge process. You will undoubtedly build your clinical skills and become competent in venepuncture and cannulation, total parental nutrition, epidural, nerve block and PCA’s, tissue viability input including VAC pumps, blood transfusions to name a few.

F8 provides an excellent opportunity to develop professionally and improve your prioritisation skills. As a new member of staff we will “buddy” you up with a band 6 to ensure you feel confident enough to manage your own patients. You will have protected study days for your Preceptorship programme which we feel is important for you to have. We have a practice development team close by to assist with your competencies and for further support.

F8 is a very busy and challenging ward at times to work on, however with our dedicated team it is very rewarding and enjoyable place to work.

Senior sister:
Melanie Aston

Melanie Aston

Heather Everitt

Heather Everitt

Head of nursing:
Annemarie Lawson

Annemarie Lawson

Contact number of ward: 01276 604115