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Ward: F3   Number of beds: 36
Site: Frimley Park

Directorate: Medicine  
Speciality: Endocrinology

Working as a nurse on F3 at Frimley Park

Although we are primarily a endocrinology ward, we also see patients with common infections such as chest infections and UTIs. We have a daily board round which includes the doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. The doctors work very closely with the nursing staff and are always keen to teach us. 

All the sisters on our ward are mentorship trained alongside some of the staff nurses so they would be very willing to support you to develop clinical competence.

We can offer individualised guidance through your preceptorship if you are newly qualified or if you are from overseas with the help of an experienced clinical practitioner easing your transition into professional practice or a new role

We have had great feedback from previous new starters. They have felt really welcomed on the ward and have instantly felt part of the wider team. 

There is a chance to do further educational development, such as the diabetic course, and we have great support from the practice development team who are willing to come on to the ward to help and support you. 

We work a combination of short shifts or long shifts. Shifts are 7am to 7.30pm or 7pm to 7.30am. There are five ward sisters, who are here each day, alongside our senior sister. 

Senior sister: 
Melissa Asbery

Melissa Asbery

Vera Wakatama

Head of nursing:
Phillipa Hooton

Phillipa Hooton

Contact number of ward: 01276 604130