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Ward: F15   Number of beds: 10 plus 2 trolleys
Site: Frimley Park

Directorate: Maternity services
Speciality: Gynaecology, gynaecology assessment unit and early pregnancy unit

Working as a nurse on F15 at Frimley Park

F15 ward incorporates a gynaecology assessment unit and an early pregnancy unit (EPU). We welcome newly qualified nurses with an interest in women’s health whilst undertaking the trust’s preceptorship programme.

The nursing role is focused on delivering high quality nursing care, to both elective and emergency admissions, to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for our patients. Our ward philosophy is that our nursing care will be delivered by trained and competent nurses, who are accountable and responsible for the care they provide to their patients. 

Our aim is to work in partnership with the multi-disciplinary team, to provide our patients with an excellent service.

As nurses, our role is to use our assessment skills, whilst assisting the clinicians and acting as the patient’s advocate.  We provide an empathetic and sensitive environment to our patients, giving them information, advice and support. We endeavour to provide a holistic approach to create an atmosphere that is sensitive to our patient’s cultural, biological, social and emotional needs.

Excellent communication skills, a friendly approachable nature and an ability to manage your own workload are required. Gynaecology experience is desirable but not essential, as training and support will be given. 

We have a positive approach to the teaching and training of all our staff and promote a positive awareness of educational needs. There is also the opportunity to gain experience by working in the gynaecology assessment unit and the early pregnancy unit (EPU). 

Senior sister: 
Rebecca Khalil

Rebecca Khalil

Fiona Walton

Fiona Walton

Head of midwifery:
Emma Luhr

Emma Luhr

Contact number of ward: 01276 604216