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Ward: F14   Number of beds: 18
Site: Frimley Park

Directorate: Medicine
Speciality: General medicine and elderly care

Working as a nurse on F14 at Frimley Park

F14 is a general medical ward. Here we receive challenges daily from medical and social genre. Our open and honest culture on the ward, allows us to learn from each other daily.

We have received positive feedback from both, patients and relatives alike.

We offer an attractive perceptorship programme for newly qualified nurses, as well as training opportunities for those who may not be eligible. 

The team are always willing to offer support to new comers which is evidenced in our happy workforce. We provide off duty for up to 6 weeks in advance to allow you plan ahead. Please feel free to come in for an informal meet and greet to have a look around and meet some of the team.

Senior sister:
Corrin Sheldrake

Helen Paterson

Helen Paterson

Head of nursing:
Phillipa Hooton

Phillipa Hooton

Contact number of ward: 01276 604028