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Ward: 5   Number of beds: 36
Site: Wexham Park

Directorate: Medicine  
Speciality: Endocrine 

Working as a nurse on ward 5 at Wexham Park

We have a brilliant team composed of five consultants who we meet regularly. The ward is supported by a dedicated matron, discharge coordinator, ward pharmacist, occupational therapist and physiotherapist. We work hand in hand with the diabetic nursing team, vascular team and the foot care team.

In addition to the diabetic care we are also part of the amputee rehab for diabetic patients. We offer staff the opportunity to gain knowledge and training on diabetes and its care, wound care, mentorship, vascular and amputee care in addition to other endocrine conditions. We also look after acute medical patients from ITU e.g. DKA. As part of our team you will be on a preceptorship and given opportunities to do diabetes, tissue viability and mentorship courses.

Our patient feedbacks are positive, stating that we are very caring. We are an evolving team and we would like enthusiastic applicants to join us.


Senior sister:
Leila Mae Talip

Leila Mae Talip

Zoe Fisher

Head of nursing:
Michelle Youens


Contact number of ward: 01753 633100 / 633102