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Ward: 3   Number of beds: 24
Site: Wexham Park

Directorate: Medicine  
Speciality: Care of the elderly 

Working as a nurse on ward 3 at Wexham Park

Our care of the elderly ward takes older patients from across the hospital. We are committed to treating all our patients with compassion and respect.

The people we see are often very frail, ill, confused and in pain and may have a variety of physical and mental conditions, including immobility, confusion, recovering from falls and general illnesses such as chest infections.

The aim of our care of the elderly ward is to help patients recover to the point that they can either return to their own home or to further care in the community.

You will work closely with the multidisciplinary team consisting of doctors, physios, occupational therapists, health care assistants, and nurses to allow for effective communication enabling good holistic care.

We support students with our mentors and provide great support through your preceptorship aimed towards newly qualified and overseas nurses.  We have had very good feedback from students in the past as well as new starters and overseas who feel part of the team very quickly.

 Our shifts are 7am to 7.30pm and 7pm to 7.30am.

We pride ourselves on high quality care and excellent communication with patients, relatives, and work colleagues. The great team working atmosphere on the ward, through strong leadership, ensures staff want to stay and grow their career with us. We believe on the ward that excellent patient care can only be delivered by the best, enthusiastic nurses who enjoy their place of work. For informal visits to see if your career will start, or continue on Ward 3 please contact:

Senior charge nurse:
Chris Murden

Chris Murden

Helen Oakes

Helen Oakes

Head of nursing:
Michelle Youens


Contact number for ward: 01753 633143