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Wards: 21 antenatal, 22 postnatal, labour ward, birth centre, antenatal clinic and in the community 

Number of beds: Ward 21 - 14, ward 22 - 25, labour ward - 11, birth centre - 6

Site: Wexham Park

Directorate: Midwifery
Speciality: Maternity

Working as a nurse on the maternity wards at Wexham Park

Wexham Park Hospital maternity department cares for 4400 women and families per year. We have undergone an extensive rebuilding programme to enhance the privacy and dignity offered to women. We offer several services that we believe make us unique and provide additional benefits to women.

Community services are provided in a variety of settings including GP surgeries and a drop-in service within Tesco’s. We provide an enhanced service for vulnerable women with specialist midwives caring for women in their own home. Our home birth-rate is above the national average at 3% and we provide free hypnobirthing classes for first-time mums.

The antenatal ward has a designated space named the Bubble. This area is staffed by a maternity care assistant and is a private space where women can relax and be offered massage during induction of labour and latent phase of labour. We promote the use of aromatherapy within our midwifery led postdates clinic. This aims to reduce the number of women requiring induction through natural methods. Over 70% of women who use this service will go in to spontaneous labour.

Our labour ward has been designed to ensure women have ensuite rooms in labour. We have a birthing pool room within the labour ward to ensure women with additional risk factors have the opportunity to choose a water birth. We have recently built an enhanced recovery room to care for women with additional complications and have developed a bereavement suite to provide holistic care to families that require these services.

Following the rebuilding programme our birth centre offers six individual rooms with ensuite facilities. We have three birthing pools available and actively encourage women to use water as a method of pain relief.

In 2018 we will be launching a transitional care unit. This is an eight bedded area aimed at keeping mums and babies together when babies have additional needs but do not require admission to neonatal services. We are delighted that our postnatal ward will soon be refitted to update the facilities and improve the environment for both women and staff members.

Every year we invest in staff development and every member of our team is eligible to apply for funding for further training. Staff members have undertaken mentorship course, examination of the newborn, PGCEs, masters modules and leadership courses to continue their professional development.


Senior sister: 
Ward 21 - Joyce Cruse

Joyce Cruse


Senior sister:
Ward 22 - Colette McGilchrist

Colette McGilchrist

Senior sister:
Ward 22 - Samantha Thomson

 Sam Thomson

Senior sister:
Birth centre - Tanya Santacaterina

Tanya Santacaterina

Senior sister:
Birth centre - Carol Walker



Intrapartum - Monica Warren

Monica Warren


Community - Linda Heppolette

Linda Heppolette


Head of Midwifery: 
Emma Luhr

Emma Luhr


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