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Ward: 17   Number of beds: 28
Site: Wexham Park

Directorate: Medicine  
Speciality: Elderly care / dementia 

Working as a nurse on the ward 17 at Wexham Park

Ward 17 specialises in patients who are medically fit for discharge. Our team consists of a consultant, a junior doctor, senior sister, junior sisters all supported by our nurses and HCAs.

We are a strong team and work well to ensure quality care for our patients and their relatives. Our daily staffing consists of two nurses and six HCAs. Our HCAs are highly skilled in caring for our sometimes difficult patients and play a key role in the safe running of the ward.

All of our elderly patients are deemed to be medically stable and ready to leave hospital, but for various reasons are unable to do so. Our ward is supported by a full time discharge coordinator, who helps with our complex discharges. Our staff are trained in many areas related to discharging complex patients, such as safeguarding, DOLs, continuing healthcare and social services processes. Our shifts are 7am to 7.30pm, and 7pm to 7.30am.

While ward 17 is not an acute ward our nurses gain valuable skills in discharging patients and the challenges that can bring. The nature of elderly patients means that their condition can change very quickly and all staff are trained to recognise deterioration in patients, ensuring that staff retain their acute skills. The majority of our patients have some degree of dementia and our nurses learn the many skills related to the care of dementia patients.

We have great support from the practice development team who come on to the ward and support staff when required. We have six qualified mentors who are rated very highly by our students as providing supportive place to work. 


Senior sister: 
Debra Scully

Debra Scully

Helen Oakes

Helen Oakes

Head of nursing:
Michelle Youens


Contact number of ward: 01753 634290 / 634464