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Ward: 16   Number of beds: 25
Site: Wexham Park

Directorate: Medicine  
Speciality: Stroke rehabilitation and general medicine 

Working as a nurse on the stroke rehab ward16 at Wexham Park

Stroke rehabilitation provides high standards of care and passion in working closely with the occupational and physiotherapy team, along with the speech and language and the dietetic team to support patients recovering a stroke. 

Multidisciplinary goal setting and teamwork is essential to help patients aim and achieve their maximum potential along with adapting to the lifestyle and living changes post stroke.

There are 12 dedicated rehabilitation beds and an adjoining therapy gym, assessment kitchen and a day room.

The other 13 beds support general medical patients that come in with a variety of medical conditions. We aim to support patients that need rehabilitation with the same ethos as the care provided to stroke patients.

There is a supportive senior team of all specialities so that staff are trained and developed to provide the best nursing care to both patients and families.


Senior sister: 
Gladys Longwe

Steven Roots

Head of nursing:
Michelle Youens


Contact number of ward: 01753 633160 / 633161