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Ward: 10   Number of beds: 26
Site: Wexham Park

Directorate: Surgery
Speciality: Surgery 

Working as a nurse on ward 10 at Wexham Park

On ward 10 we care for patients under colorectal, urology, general surgery, plastics and ENT. As this ward offers such diversity, new starters will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and clinical skills within these different fields.

Our team is growing fast and we have been recognised for the work we have completed around falls prevention. Each shift we ensure the team is supported with senior cover by the senior and junior sisters.

If you are looking for a change and the opportunity to develop your clinical skills you can do so in the following areas: the administration of peripheral parental nutrition, management of PCA and epidurals, venepuncture / cannulation, nasal gastric tube insertions, female and male catheterisation, stoma care and wound and vac therapy management.

Healthcare assistants are also offered the opportunity to complete the care certificate and will be able to attend training courses for venepuncture, stoma care and wound care management. We also receive support from our multidisciplinary team which includes dieticians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, ward pharmacists and we also work closely with the palliative care team.

As a team we are committed to excellence, we work together and looking forwards to expanding our team further.


Senior sister: 
Catherine Riley

Catherine Riley

Kirstie Hodgson

Kirstie Hodgson

Head of nursing:
Lisa Buckingham

  Lisa Buckingham

Contact number of ward: 01753 634440