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Ward: SAU   Number of beds: 12
Site: Frimley Park

Directorate: Surgery
Speciality: Surgical assessment unit

Working as a nurse on surgical assessment unit at Frimley Park

The SAU is a friendly environment, where all members of the team are valued. The unit has a 12 bedded surgical assessment unit, with an additional two assessment rooms and an assessment lounge which has capacity for a further 12 patients.

We provide a consultant led daily clinic and also manage an emergency help line for surgical patients to access for up to 28 days post discharge with their concerns or queries.

SAU accepts referrals from a variety of areas and specialities such as GP, outpatient clinics, specialist nurses and ED, caring for patients from a range of specialities e.g. general surgery, vascular, colorectal, UGI and urology.

The SAU offers excellent support to new members of the team.

Senior sister:
Joanne Parker

Heather Everitt

Heather Everitt

Head of nursing:
Annemarie Lawson

Annemarie Lawson

Contact number of ward: 01276 526163