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Ward: SADU   Number of beds: 7
Site: Frimley Park

Directorate: Surgery
Speciality: Surgical acute dependency unit

Working as a nurse on surgical acute dependency unit at Frimley Park

SADU is a seven bedded, level one surgical area. We care for all surgical patients that may require a higher level of nursing care and closer observation from all specialities within surgery, general surgery, colorectal, upper GI, vascular, urology, orthopaedic, gynaecological, ENT and breast.

Patients are admitted to us from a variety of areas including straight from A&E or the surgical assessment unit (SAU).The surgeons will have assessed them and requested a bed on SADU. We receive patients from recovery post operatively or even from the ward pre-operatively to optimise the patient ready for their operation. We also have patients transferred to us from any of the surgical wards following a NEWS call, where the patient has deteriorated and they need closer observations or a higher level of nursing care.

Patients also get admitted to us from intensive care (ICU). They will have had a stay in ICU and are recovering but still require a higher level of care than the ward. They will come to us to continue their care and rehab until well enough for ward based care.

Since the unit opened three years ago we now use optiflow. This is a machine that delivers higher levels of oxygen and higher levels of flow to help oxygenate and reduce the patient’s work of breathing. We have also up skilled all nurses in this time, to be able to care for patients requiring venous and arterial thrombolysis and spinal fractures.

Senior sister:
Zoe Freeman

Zoe Freeman

Heather Everitt

Heather Everitt

Head of nursing:
Annemarie Lawson

Annemarie Lawson

Contact number of ward: 01252 649440