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Ward: Eden   Number of beds: 17
Site: Wexham Park

Directorate: Medicine  
Speciality: Haematology, medicine 

Working as a nurse on Eden ward at Wexham Park

On Eden ward we care principally for people undergoing investigations and treatment of disorders affecting the blood or bone marrow and for people with different types of cancer.

We provide high standard of care to level two patients receiving intensive chemotherapy treatments on a daily basis. Driven to provide nursing led care you will be working with a dedicated patient list to provide holistic care to our patients and as part of the multi-disciplinary team ensure their safe and timely discharge.

If you are an experienced chemotherapy nurse looking for new opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge then we would love to hear from you. We would also welcome your application if you are an experienced staff nurse who is interested in pursuing your career in chemotherapy, haematology and oncology and will support you to complete the accredited course in chemotherapy nursing practice.

We have opportunities for final year students / newly qualified staff nurses and offer a bespoke 12 month preceptorship program with a range of protected study days. We can offer the accredited course in chemotherapy nursing practice to you once you have completed the preceptorship course. We have a dedicated practice development team to drive your professional development so wherever you are in your career journey we can help you grow!

For an informal discussion please contact Karen Belarde at

Senior sister:
Karen Belarde

Karen Belarde

Siobhan Whittaker


Head of nursing: 
Michelle Youens


Contact number for ward: