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Ward: Bourne   Number of beds: 21
Site: Farham Hospital (Frimley Park community ward)

Directorate: Medicine  
Speciality: Rehabilitation

Working as a nurse on Bourne ward at Fleet Hospital

All beds within the Bourne ward are individual rooms, all with ensuites. We accept patients from all areas of the hospital that require rehabilitation or whose clinical situation makes it impossible to return home at this stage such as non-weight bearing patients.

We encourage our patients to get dressed and share the communal areas day room / dining room. We have a gym / therapy area and patients have individual rehab plans to assist them to reach their goals.

Although we have predominantly older patients we do not discriminate on the basis of age and have accepted younger patients that require a longer recovery time ie long ITU stays.

We work very closely with our therapy colleagues as our patients have complex discharge plans that may require input from some or all of the members of the multi-disciplinary team.

As Bourne ward is not on the main hospital site we face different challenges in some aspect of our practice and at times the nurses have to work more autonomously relying on colleague support as we have no medical input out of hours.

Senior sister: 
Sabina Gill

Sue Kelk

Sue Kelk

Head of nursing:
Phillipa Hooton

Phillipa Hooton

Contact number of ward: 01252 649297