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Ward: AMU / MAU / AECU Number of beds: 39
Site: Frimley Park

Directorate: Medicine  
Speciality: Acute medicine

Working as a nurse on acute medical unit / medical assessment unit / ambulatory emergency care unit at Frimley Park

These units are key clinical areas within medicine. We assess, investigate and manage acutely unwell patients with medical conditions from first presentation through to stabilization and where possible, discharge.   

The department is unique in that it combines elements of emergency department type clinical activity with the management of acutely unwell patients that is delivered in a more traditional acute medical setting.

The department accepts patients from all medical specialties ranging from cardiac, neuro, gastro, endocrine, respiratory and elderly care and thus provides a perfect grounding for nurses new to the profession. Equally, because of the advanced levels of care delivered within the department and the acuity of our patients, it provides great opportunities for nurses wishing to challenge their clinical and leadership ability.

In recognition of the patient acuity and high throughput of the department, our nursing ratios are one registered nurse and one care assistant to six patients with an additional nurse in charge to provide coordination, support and direction. 

The department is committed to the development of staff both clinically and managerially and provides training in key clinical areas and is supportive of the NHS leadership program.

Senior sister:
Dennielle Ordonez

Senior sister: 
Christina Ogarra

Marvin Putal

Marvin Putal

Head of nursing:
Philomena Vallance

Philomena Vallance

Contact number of ward: 01252 649363