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The NMC has a requirement to protect the public and therefor nurses and midwives must demonstrate their continued ability to practise in accordance with The Code (2015) to renew their registration.

Revalidation is the responsibility of the individual. However Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust will provide you with the necessary information, access to CPD, and support you via the appraisal process to enable you to achieve your reflective discussion and confirmation.

The trust believes that it will benefit from positive engagement with the revalidation process. This in return enables nurses and midwives to be proud and confident in providing safe and effective care.

Your road to revalidation

  • Register with NMC online to know your renewal date. Collect your required evidence for the three years prior to your renewal date.
  • One year before renewal date, book your annual appraisal. Have a reflective discussion with a nurse/midwife. This should be at your appraisal if you are appraised by a nurse/midwife, and complete the NMC form.
  • Take your evidence to your appraisal to demonstrate that you have met the NMC requirements. Complete your confirmation with your appraiser.
  • 60 days before renewal, you will receive notification from the NMC that your online application to renew is open. Go to NMC online and complete the application form entering your confirmation details.
  • Application deadline: You must apply by the first day of the month that you are due to renew your registration or you will be removed from the register.
  • Validate: You may be asked to electronically submit some further evidence to the NMC to validate your application.