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New starters' pack

Welcome to the trust!

Congratulations on your offer of employment, and welcome to Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust. Before we can confirm your start date with the trust, you are required to complete essential pre-employment checks and paperwork. Your start date will be agreed once these are completed.

New starter / ID check appointment

You must visit the resourcing team (HR) to complete the essential pre-employment checks and produce your documents. You will have received a link in your conditional offer letter in order to book an appointment via the TRAC recruitment system, please ensure you do so as soon as possible.

Please refer to all of the documents below and complete the required forms prior to attending your new starter / ID check appointment.

New starter information and forms

Please note that some of these forms and documents are site specific. Those documents will be marked as Frimley Park or Wexham Park. Please note any forms marked Wexham Park are also relevant for Heatherwood, King Edward VII, St Mark’s and Chalfont’s Outpatients.

Pre-employment checks for nursing and general staff

Pre-employment checks for medical and dental staff

The following forms are for all staff groups:

Staff travel and transport - for all staff

Staff accommodation - for all staff

Additional information - for all staff

Key contacts

Resourcing team (HR) Frimley Park
Wexham Park
01276 526285
01753 634334
Medical HR Frimley Park
Wexham Park
01276 604933
01753 633716
Payroll and pensions Frimley Park
Wexham Park
01276 604940
01753 633716
Learning and OD (Training) Frimley Park
Wexham Park
01276 604491
01753 634338
Occupational health Frimley Park
Wexham Park
01276 604051
01753 634760
Car parking / travel Frimley Park
Wexham Park
01276 606611
01753 633366 
Childcare / day nurseries Woodlands day nursery (Frimley)
First Steps day nursery (Wexham)
01276 606617
01753 634365
  Childcare coordinator 01753 633325 
Staff accommodation Frimley Park
Wexham Park
01276 604214
01753 633325
Temporary staffing Frimely Park 01276 526901