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QuEST is a Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust service and spans across all three main trust sites, from Slough in the north to Frimley in the south.

QuEST stands stands for ‘Quality Education through Simulation & Technology’ and epitomises our aim of developing and delivering quality education by utilising blended learning techniques.

Our Mission:

‘To deliver high quality education through simulation to independent groups & inter-professional teams in a high stress, low risk environment, including technology enhanced learning to create opportunities that will benefit and improve patient safety’

We offer a wide range of services from ‘part task trainers’ to high fidelity simulation, utilising our high tech manikins to deliver immersive simulation to our staff.  At QuEST we welcome change and aim to be flexible enough to deliver your needs in your environment; where this may not be possible due to patient need, we have a simulation suite on both of our main sites to allow staff to train in a safe environment.  QuEST utilises high end audio & visual equipment to stream a live feed or record simulations as they take place, allowing others to watch and take part in the post-scenario debrief discussions.  As a vital element of the learning process we pay particular attention to the discussion and reflection process, so that all participants are able to take something away.

We have a wide variety of skills within our team so if you have an idea and are not sure how to take it forward then give us a call or drop us an email.  We can work with you to discover the best way forward and would much rather come on the entire journey of development to delivery with you.

QuEST believes that the best way to learn is to train in the teams you will work in, therefore where possible, we aim to provide opportunities for inter-professional simulations to take place, as allowing doctors, nurses, HCA’s, AHP’s to train together can have a dramatic effect on the dynamics of the scenario and can improve others’ perceptions.

Programmes we currently run either within clinical areas or within the simulation suites are:

High-fidelity simulation Skills training courses
Foundation year doctors Peripheral vascular interventions
Medical student programme Laparoscopic skills
Physiotherapy on-call training Core medical trainee course
BEACHES course Clinical faculty skills in simulation course
Registered nurse preceptorship Technical faculty skills in simulation course
Student nurse development  
Overseas nurses development  
DEALTS course  
Care of the dying  
Difficult airway  
Anaesthetic complications  
ITU transfer courses  
Cardiac care courses  

If you would like more information regarding the service or any of the courses we run then please contact us on any of the methods below.

Twitter – @quest_sim

Group email -

Alex Saunders                               
Lead Simulation Practitioner
+44 (0)7919 395133 

Paul Wilder
Learning & Simulation Technologist
+44 (0)1276 604812 

Kate Rogers                                   
Simulation Technician
+44 (0) 1753 634778