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The responsible officer for the trust (Dr Timothy Ho, medical director) makes revalidation recommendations based on past appraisals.

Medical appraisal

All medical appraisals should be completed on the Trust’s CRMS system

Your appraisal deadline is 12 months from your last appraisal. If you have never done an appraisal before you should have been given a suitable deadline - if you are not sure please email (HWP) or (FPH).

You will receive several reminders about their appraisal starting 3-4 months ahead of their appraisal deadline you will be sent a reminder. Approximately 2-4 weeks before your appraisal deadline you will be sent a event profile containing details of incidents (rated moderate and above), complaints and claim.

Your chief of service or their deputy must agree your appraiser and your appraiser should be from within your directorate. You may have the same appraiser up to three years in a row (after which you must have a three year gap).


Please direct any enquiries for appraisal or revalidation to:

HWP: Claire Steel, Head of Medical Director Services on: or 0300 615 4370

FPH: Kirsten Voss, Revalidation Officer on or 01276 522477