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The future of Heatherwood Hospital

We have set out our plans for the future of Heatherwood Hospital along with our priorities and time frame. Thank you to everyone who attended our recent public engagement events at Ascot to give us your feedback and to everyone who has subsequently contributed.

We made a number of changes to our plans shown in the section in response to your concerns. For example we have taken the 'woodland villas' out of the site design as people felt these did not fit in with the woodland setting.

The plans are now being considered by the Royal Borough and Windsor and Maidenhead's planners and we currently expect them to made a decision in late March about whether to approve them or not.

If we do get approval before April we expect work to finish on the new hospital in early 2020.

Today / tomorrow

The services currently provided . . . and the new proposals

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Our priorities

The key themes guiding our work to deliver a new hospital

Our priorities


Plan view of our proposal for the development